Laser Therapy

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new service. We are now offering Laser Therapy for our patients.

Laser Therapy has been successful in treating post surgical pain and pain from many acute and chronic conditions. This therapy is surgery-free, drug-free and noninvasive.

It relieves pain, reduces swelling and speeds up healing.


Dr. Barnett applying laser therapy to “Reggie.”

What is laser therapy? A beam of laser light is directed on a specific area of the body. The energy from the laser’s light penetrates tissue and stimulates cellular activity. The energy induces a biological response in the cells called “photo-bio-modulation.”

What does it do and how does it work?

Pain relief: The energy from the laser stimulates the release of endorphines (the brain’s “feel good” chemicals) and also decreases the stimulation of nerves that carry pain sensations.

Decreased inflammation: It dilates constricted vessels which allows for increased circulation. This dilation allows for the removal of accumulated fluid and cellular wastes.

Faster healing time: The decrease in inflammation and pain free’s the body’s natural ability to repair and heal itself. The increased circulation brings macrophages (they “eat” foreign substances, cellular debris, and microbes and also help to stimulate immune responses) into the area faster.

Commonly conditions that can be treated with laser therapy

-Degenerative Joint Disease
-Periodontal Disease
-Lick Granulomas
-Post-surgical healing and pain relief
-Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
-Irritable Bowel Disease

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Results on our own patients:


“JJ” female cat, spayed 14 days prior to this picture. She licked at her spay incision and it became infected. The top picture was taken immediately prior to her first laser therapy treatment. Note the red and inflammed tissue, as well partial opening of the incision.


“JJ” after 2 laser therapy treaments. The incision is markedly less inflammed and irritated. The incision is now closed.

We are offering post-surgical treatments as well as treatments for many conditions, such as those listed above. Please contact your veterinarian if you are interested in scheduling a therapy session for your pet.

Our Laser Therapy Practitioners have undergone procedural and safety training through LiteCure and AIMLA (American Institute of Medical Laser Applications).